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Aaron’s Adventure Taxi   Taxi Hire   Sandy Bay   Aaron Legg   +(290) 24508 or 23987  
CJ's Taxi   Taxi Hire   Trapp Cut   Colin Fagon     +(290) 24992 or 61670  
Contours   Taxi Hire   Maldivia Lodge, Jamestown   Bert Constantine     +(290) 22822 or 61174  
Easy Cab   Taxi Hire   Half-tree Hollow   Kevin Hudson   +(290) 22376 or 63276 
Eric's Taxi   Taxi Hire   Nevergrove, Levelwood   Eric Knipe     +(290) 24622  
Hensel's Taxi   Taxi Hire   Market Street, Jamestown   Hansel Peters     +(290) 22701  
Larry's Taxi   Taxi Hire   Alarm Forest   Larry Johnson   +(290) 24187 or 65320  
Patrick Peters Taxi   Taxi Hire   New Bridge, Jamestown   Patrick Peters   +(290) 63004  
Roberts Taxi   Taxi Hire   Half-tree Hollow   Robert Peters     +(290) 23346  
Taxi4U   Taxi Hire   Levelwood   Jeffery Reymolds   +(290)22558 or 62662  
V2 Taxi Partners   Taxi Hire   Cleugh's Plan   Lucille Johnson and Patrick Henry   +(290) 62644 or 51284  
Maldivia Lodge   Bed and Breakfast   Jamestown   Bert and Audrey Constantine   +(290) 22822 or 61161  
Willowdene   Bed and Breakfast   Alarm Forest   Pat Musk   +(290) 24307  
Bertrand's Cottage   Guest House   Longwood   Sarah Dalton   +(290) 25200  
The Blue Lantern   Guest House   Jamestown   Keith and Craig Yon   +(290) 25555  
Farm Lodge   Hotel   Rosemary Plain, St Pauls   Stephen Biggs and Maureen Jonas    
Harris's Guest House   Guest House   Main Street, Jamestown   Donald and Irene Harris   +(290) 22729  
Town House   Guest House   Market Street, Jamestown   Colin Marlene Yon   +(290) 23030  
Wellington House   Guest House   Jamestown   Ivy Robinson   +(290) 22529  
Billston House   Self Catering Levelwood   Bill Scanes   +(290) 23263  
Briar Rose   Self Catering   Briars   Anita Magellan   +(290) 22702 or 22212  
The Burrow's   Self Catering   Upper Cow Path   Patrick and Pamela Young   +(290) 24031  
The Chalet   Self Catering   Maldivia Lodge   Bert and Audrey Constantine   +(290) 22822  
Coach House   Self Catering   Mundens Lane, Jamestown   Delia and Cliff Huxtable   +(290) 24342  
Coles Courtyard Hostel   Hostel   Napoleon Street, Jamestown   Gail Thorpe     +(290) 22190  
Drakes Cottage   Self Catering   St Pauls   Robin Castell and Reginald Johnson     +(290) 23939  
The Forge   Self Catering   Jamestown   Cliff and Delia Huxtable   +(290) 24342  
Fowlers 1   Self Catering   Narra Backs – Jamestown   Jean Fowler   +(290) 22160 or 24044  
Fowlers 2   Self Catering   Baptist Manse, Jamestown   Jean Fowler   +(290) 22160 or 24044  
The Gazebo   Self Catering   Maldivia Lodge,Jamestown.   Audrey Constantine   +(290) 22822  
Harlyn's Appartment   Self Catering   Harlyn, Half Tree Hallow   Joan P Flagg     +(290) 23727  
Peak View   Self Catering   Rockwater, Sandy Bay   Carol and Geoffrey George   +(290) 23898  
Periwinkle   Self Catering   Newground   Valarie Joshua   +(290) 22235  
Princes Lodge   Self Catering   St Pauls   Robin Castell     +(290) 23939  
Rose Ellen   Self Catering   Briars   Anita Magellan   +(290) 22702 or 22212  
Somerville Flat   Self Catering   Sea View   Donald Fagan   +(290) 24889 or 62759  
Studio Flat   Self Catering   Princes Lodge, St pauls   Robin Castel and Reginald Johnson     +(290) 23939  
Urickea   Self Catering     Patrick Thomas   +(44) 1993843570  
Williams Estate, Flats 1 and 2   Self Catering   Cow Path, Half Tree Hollow   Steve and Deborah Williams   +(290) 24853  
Anne's Place   Restaurant   Castle Gardens, Jamestown   Jane Sim   +(290) 22797  
Consulate Hotel            
Donny's Bar   Bar   The Waterfront, Jamestown       +(290) 22947  
Farm Lodge County House Restaurant   Restaurant   Rosemary Plain, St Paul’s   Stephen Biggs and Maureen Jonas   +(290) 24040  
Get Carters   Take Away   Mule Yard, Jamestown   Mercia George   +(290) 22277 or 23037  
Harris Guest House Restaurant   Restaurant   Jamestown   Donald and Irene Harris   +(290) 22797  
Orange Tree Oriental Restaurant   Restaurant   Jamestown   Daisy Terry   +(290) 22126  
Sanrays Bistro   Restaurant   Jamestown   Raymond & Sandra Benjamin   +(290) 22012 or 23047  
St Helena Coffee Shop   Cafe   Jamestown   Jill Bolton    
Tasty Bites Bistro and Coffee Shop   Cafe and Restaurant   Ladder Hill   William Smith & Charles Watson   +(290) 23116 and 61727  
The Sandwich Bar   Cafe   Association Hall, Jamestown   Derek and Linda Richards   +(290) 22666 or 24620  
Wellington House   Restaurant   Jamestown   Ivy Robinson     +(290) 22529  
The Inkwell   Cafe   Jamestown   Patrick and Pamela Young   +(290) 22887 or 24031  
Richards Travel Lodge   Restaurant   St Paul   Derek and Linda Richards   +(290) 22666 or 24620  
Reggies Takeaway Jamestown   Takeaway   Grande Parade, Jamestown   Reginald Williams   +(290) 22535  
Reggies Takeaway Longwood   Takeaway   Bottom Woods, Longwood   Reginald Williams   +(290) 22417  
Blue Lantern Restaurant   Restaurant   Narrow Backs   Keith and Craig Yon   +(290) 25555 or 61677  
Bertrand's Cottage   Restaurant   Longwood Road, Longwood   Sarah Dalton   +(290) 25200  
Mylyn's Cusine   Takeaway   Jamestown   Mylyn Walton   +(290) 25042 and 64097  
Mikes Munchies   Takeaway   Half Tree Hollow   Michael Leo     +(290) 23658 or 61373  
The Anchor   Clothing   Kunjie Field   Jean Fowler     +(290) 4044  
Into the Blue [Link]   Diving   Half Tree Hollow   Craig Yon   +(290) 23459 or 61400  
Subtropic Adventures  Diving     Anthony Thomas      
Saint Helena Donkey Home [Link]  Walking   +(290) 24882 or 62472  
Saint Helena National Trust [Link]  Walking   Jamestown       +(290) 22190, 22307 or 22224  
St Helena Golf Club [Link]  Golf   Longwood       +(290) 24421  
Joshua's   Taxi     Linda Joshua   +(290) 23648  
Jordyns Hidaway  [Link] Bed and Breakfast     Derek and Linda Richards   +(290) 22666 or 24620  

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